Saturday, 31 May 2014

What is in My Pencil Case

It's no secret that I have a love affair with Officeworks exclusive brand X, due to their clean simple designs and most importantly their commitment to the environment. Click here if you would like to learn more about the brand. This pencil case may seem small but I feel that it holds all the necessary items in need everyday.

Inside is my X four coloured Pen, scissors, highlighter pen, white out, mini glue stick and eraser. 

I usually have a mini stapler but like bobby spin and all stationary it seems to have been lost at some point. I'll just have to take another trip to Officeworks.

I'd just like to mention that I have not been asked or encouraged to promote this brand. I have bought all these items out of my own money because I believe that the X is a high quality brand that is suited to my needs.

What is in your pencil case?
Leave a comment below and let me know.

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